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Product Certification

The Automotive Standards Council invites the automotive community to submit their ASC-compliant products for certification. Gain valuable recognition and endorsement from council members to elevate your product’s standing in the industry.

Submit Your Product for Certification by the Automotive Standards Council

Click the button below to navigate to our ASC GA4 Product Certification Submission form. Fill it out to initiate the process of having your ASC compliant product evaluated and potentially certified by the council’s experts. 

Disclaimer: By submitting for ASC Specification revisions you agree to receive communication from the Automotive Standards Council (ASC) and Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE).

Become an ASC Member

We provide two options to become a member of the ASCGA4. To create a new industry standard for GA4 and coordinate the entirety of the auto community is no small task.


Renews Annually

Founding Members help set the standards for GA4 in the automotive industry. You will receive a “Founding Member” badge, alongside discounts for training & workshops.

More Details
Founding members will be involved in private meetings to establish GA4 standards across all website and technology platforms. Brian Pasch will divide founding members into committees (i.e. websites, digital retailing, messaging) and will work to publish standards for events, goals, and reporting in GA4. Founding members must commit to active participation in at least two zoom calls per month and responding to proposed GA4 standards documentation. Founding members will receive 25% discount on all public GA4 workshops and training programs created by Brian Pasch Enterprises (GA4) to expand training and knowledge within their organizations.
Members will receive a “Founding Member” logo to display on their websites and marketing materials. Companies that fail to participate will be removed from the Council and no refund will be provided for the membership fees. 


Renews Annually

Supporting members will help submit suggestions, data, and feedback; gaining them first access to the standards proposed and discounts on training/workshops.

More Details

Supporting members will have first access to standards proposed by the Automotive Standard Council and will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the committees before standards are published. Supporting members can submit suggestions to the council committees to guide standards development based on work that has already been completed in their organization(s). Founding members will receive 15% discount on all GA4 workshops and training programs created by Brian Pasch Enterprises (GA4) to expand training and knowledge within their organizations.