Automotive Standards Council for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)


Uniting the industry to better develop universal standards

Automotive dealers, vendors, and manufacturers have joined forces with BPE to support the industry’s best interests in creating universal standards and guidelines for the transition to Google Analytics 4.

What is the Automotive Standards Council?

In its current form, the Automotive Standards Council involves like-minded, experienced analytics or programmers focused on setting a universal groundwork for implementing Google Analytics 4 into the industry.

To best support all the interests of the automotive community, Brian Pasch formed the Automotive Standards Council for GA4 to ensure previous standardization errors will not be repeated.

Council Goals

The goal of the council will be to guide the education programs created by Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE) and associated analytics workbooks that can help all parties create a smooth transition to GA4. The council will also publish online standards, best practices, and training materials to support GA4. The council will also be a consolidated source to send requests to Google regarding changes to GA to support retail reporting.

Council Member Benefits

Gain a new level of leadership status in the industry by helping to create and guide universal standards. Collaborate with the most innovative names and brands in automotive by contributing data, measurements, and feedback. Ensure your business’ specific needs are being met by industry standards. Get exclusive discounts on Training & workshops created by Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE). Automotive Standards Council for GA4 to ensure previous standardization errors will not be repeated.

Tiered Membership Statuses

We provide two options to become a member of the ASCGA4. To create a new industry standard for GA4 and coordinate the entirety of the auto community is no small task.



Founding Members help set the standards for GA4 in the automotive industry. You will receive a “Founding Member” badge, alongside discounts for training & workshops.

More Details
Founding members will be involved in private meetings to establish GA4 standards across all website and technology platforms. Brian Pasch will divide founding members into committees (i.e. websites, digital retailing, messaging) and will work to publish standards for events, goals, and reporting in GA4. Founding members must commit to active participation in at least two zoom calls per month and responding to proposed GA4 standards documentation. Founding members will receive 25% discount on all public GA4 workshops and training programs created by Brian Pasch Enterprises (GA4) to expand training and knowledge within their organizations.
Members will receive a “Founding Member” logo to display on their websites and marketing materials. Companies that fail to participate will be removed from the Council and no refund will be provided for the membership fees. 



Supporting members will help submit suggestions, data, and feedback; gaining them first access to the standards proposed and discounts on training/workshops.

More Details

Supporting members will have first access to standards proposed by the Automotive Standard Council and will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the committees before standards are published. Supporting members can submit suggestions to the council committees to guide standards development based on work that has already been completed in their organization(s). Founding members will receive 15% discount on all GA4 workshops and training programs created by Brian Pasch Enterprises (GA4) to expand training and knowledge within their organizations.

Why Does the Automotive Industry Need a GA4 Specification?

In case you are a new automotive manager and don’t know the immediate benefits of ONE analytics standard that most industry leaders will support, here is a list of a few of the reasons:

Easy & reliable roll-up reporting

Dealership groups, who have to support multiple website platforms due to OEM mandates, can more easily and reliably create roll-up reporting to inspect and compare online engagement across a variety of website tools.

Replacing vague conversion definitions

Instead of vague conversion definitions in GA3, the new ASC Specification supports conversions by department (sales, service, parts) and conversion outcomes. For example, dealers can now measure how many “click to call” conversions (weak) actually connected with the dealer’s phone system. They can also see how many of those connected calls generated a sales or service opportunity. Measuring outcomes instead of just clicks can improve Google Ads campaign optimization.

Removing clunky tag manager containers

Members of the Council will be responsible for sending events into GA4 from their native code set and not through clunky tag manager containers that get easily corrupted. This will create greater data integrity and stability.

Covering a large majority of web platforms & DR tools

All major automotive website platforms and digital retailing software providers are supporting the ASC Specification which makes up the majority of events that are sent into Google Analytics.

Dramatic improvement of Google Ad campaigns

Dealers who implement all the features of the specification will be able to dramatically improve the performance of their Google Ads campaigns. This can be accomplished as long as the dealer’s digital agency is sending the enhanced conversion signals into Google Ads based on the specific departmental sales goals (sales, service, parts, etc.) for each campaign. No more sending “mixed” conversion signals into Google Ads.

Add unique events for product visibility

The specification supports Google-recommended syntax and provides enough room for vendors to add their own unique events into GA4 to support the visibility of their product’s performance.


The first specification from the Automotive Standards Council for GA4 has released - Get your copy of the the specification now!